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I promise that I will work for you in this seat for as long as you allow. If you choose me, you will never wonder where I stand on an issue. You will never wonder who I serve. I will always be accountable to the people of Hawaii and I will never forget the sacrifice of the generations before me who worked to make Hawaii better for us all.
— Sherry Alu Campagna, Democratic Candidate for Congress - Hawaii CD2
 Sherry speaks with Shawn Ching on Hawaii News Now for "Coffee With a Candidate"  View interview online here:

Sherry speaks with Shawn Ching on Hawaii News Now for "Coffee With a Candidate"

View interview online here:

Land is our nearest and dearest resource and to continue to develop it and then put it in the hands of people who don’t pay into our tax system, who are not from here, who haven’t invested in our community the way we have, is unconscionable.
— Sherry Alu Campagna on Hawaii News Now's Coffee With a Candidate
 Sherry Campagna is challenging Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District.

Sherry Campagna is challenging Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District.

Civil Beat - Trump Inspires More Women Candidates In Hawaii

7/5/18 — by Bianca Smallwood — In Hawaii, 125 women are candidates for local, state and federal offices this year, compared to 93 candidates on the 2016 primary ballot, according to the state Office of Elections.

Women make up about 38 percent of the 324 candidates this year, compared to 32 percent of the 283 candidates during the 2016 election cycle.

Some were likely prompted to run after Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss in the 2016 presidential election, according to Ngoc Phan, assistant professor of political science at Hawaii Pacific University.

Count Sherry Campagna as one of them  Read more →


Garden Island Newspaper - Campagna Keeps Pushing for Debate

7/5/18 — LIHUE — “Of all times, with the Kauai flooding, the volcano eruption, the existing issues with veteran’s care, houselessness, and lack of access to health care, the people of rural Hawaii deserve mainstream access to the positions of candidates and incumbent in CD2 to make an informed vote. Blocking debates from happening, through non-participation, is the opposite of democracy,” Alu Campagna said in a press release.

“Since Sherry and Tulsi have such differing opinions on houselessness, America’s role in Syria, and on the National Defense Appropriations Act, et alia, Hawaii voters deserve to hear from both candidates about their beliefs in order to make a fully informed decision on their vote,” the release said  Read more →

Maui Time Weekly - Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Dodges Debate

7/3/18 — MAUI— by Axel Beers — On Monday, July 2, candidates for contested offices in the State of Hawai‘i gathered at Kamehameha Schools’ Kapalama, Oahu campus for Hawaii News Now’s “Super Debate.”Contenders for the offices of Lieutenant Governor, 1st U.S. Congressional District Representative, and Governor took the stage to answer questions, challenge the competition and leave a lasting impression on the audience. It was an informative night for voters, with one glaring omission.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was absent, and there was no debate for the 2nd U.S. Congressional District. The district includes Maui and most of the state, except for urban Honolulu.  Read more →


Sherry's Vision for Maui

6/22/18 — Sherry speaks at Lokahi 2018: Meet the Candidates event about her vision for Maui regarding the environment, affordable housing, diversifying the economy, health care, and education. 

Sherry Speaks at Maui Event

6/22/18 — At the Lokahi 2018: Meet the Candidates event, Sherry introduces herself and goes in depth about why she's running for Congress and the importance of having a true representative, for the people, in this seat.


Sherry's T.V. Interview on Aloha Authentic, hosted by Kamaka Pili

6/2/18 — Kamaka Pili hosts Sherry on his popular local show Aloha Authentic. Kamaka asks Sherry about important issues facing Hawaii and the Hawaiian people today. This interview marked the first time Aloha Authentic showcased a political candidate. 

In this interview, Sherry speaks about being Native Hawaiian, being raised by a father who retired from the Department of Defense at the equivalent to a 3-star general, and a mother who is a sovereignty activist and Hawaiian culture public school teacher.

A Native Hawaiian candidate for US Congress shares with us her views on the position along with her perspective of community and Aloha.

Civil Beat's Coverage on the Hawaii State Democratic Convention 2018

5/27/18 — [Tulsi] Gabbard’s primary opponent, Sherry Alu Campagna, was one of the few candidates to criticize an opponent directly from the podium at the convention.

The environmental scientist said it was wrong for Gabbard to push for a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery at Kauai’s Pacific Missile Range Facility, because it would militarize the island."  Read more →


Huffington Post - Tulsi Gabbard’s Syria Views Cost Her Support Of Hawaii Teachers Union

5/23/18 — [Tulsi Gabbard] was one of just three representatives, and the only Democrat who refused to condemn Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal chemical attack on his own people. After the attack, Gabbard traveled to Syria to meet with the genocidal dictator al-Assad without permission from the White House or Congress. Her trip was funded by a group with ties to al-Assad supporters and she only covered the expenses herself after the news media reported who paid for her trip.

Then, after al-Assad bombed his people again, Gabbard continued to refuse to admit the attack had occurred. At the same time, she voted to practically ban Syrian refugees from coming into the United States after the Paris terrorist attacks, even though Syrian refugees were not involved in the attacks.

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HSTA Press Conference - Hawaii Teachers Union Endorses Tulsi Gabbard's Progressive Challenger, Sherry Alu Campagna [5/22/18]

KITV News - HSTA announces their support for Campagna for Congress

5/22/18 - OAHU — Sherry Campagna is many things: environmental scientist, small business owner, acitivist, and mom. Now, she is also a congressional candidate and one just endorsed by the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA).

"This endorsement is groundbreaking. I haven't even been able to process what this means to me," Campagna said. 

"We believe that Sherry Campagna will fight for the equality of all people," HSTA President, Corey Rosenlee said. 

Rosenlee says that they are backing Campagna not only because she's fought for public education funding, an increase in teacher pay, as well as lowering class sizes, they say she is also an agent for social change. 

"Looking at not just what you've done for public education but a broader scope of what you've done for human and civil rights," Rosenlee said.

HSTA says that is where Hawaii U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard falls short.

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The Garden Island (Kauai) - Campagna Challenges for Congress Seat

4/8/18 - LIHUE — Sherry Alu Campagna sat at a table in the middle of Ha Coffee Shop in Lihue, one of the few places on the island with anything approaching creds as a political hangout.

She was on island from her home on Oahu recently, on one of her first visits to Kauai after announcing her campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in the August Democratic primary.

Realizing the complexity of it, she summarized her objectives for 2018: “I’m running for Congress, getting a divorce and fighting with Sylvia Luke for $84 million.”

Just looking at Campagna’s face is enough to confirm the Hawaiian part of her ethnicity, which she describes with a hint of amusement as “Native Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese and Polish.” She’s 47 — 10 years older than the incumbent Gabbard — and announced her candidacy formally last November.

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On the Radio With Sherry Alu Campagna - KONA LPFM 100.5

4/6/18 - KONA — Sherry speaks with Irminsul, program director at KONA LPFM 100.5 about her run for Congress against Tulsi Gabbard and important issues facing the people of Hawaii's Congressional District 2.

Listen to interview 


The Garden Island (Kauai) - Candidates Should Debate Gun Violence

4/1/18 - I don’t know anyone who wasn’t deeply moved by the March For Our Lives event this past Saturday. The Parkland students continue to organize people to demand town halls on April 7. These kids plan to keep the pressure on until there is meaningful, significant change.

The issue of gun violence is supremely important to me. I am an educator, and the safety of students is an enormous responsibility that I take so seriously. I know that parents, aunties and uncles, sisters and brothers, are counting on me to keep their loved ones safe. We deserve help from our representatives to ensure their safety with common-sense gun laws.

At a recent talk story event on Kauai, congressional candidate Sherry Alu Campagana gave me a face-to-face commitment to never accept campaign donations from a gun lobby. She also agreed to fight for an assault weapon ban.

I am aware that Campagna’s opponent, Tulsi Gabbard, has passed on multiple opportunities to co-sponsor bills to advance laws addressing gun violence. I believe the voters of Congressional District 2 deserve to hear these two candidates address gun violence, and other pressing issues, in at least one debate.

Debates help voters become more informed and better prepared to make a thoughtful choice. If you agree, let’s let the candidates know we want debates. Message them on social media, email, and call. These folks want to work for us, we deserve to hear their ideas and what they will commit to do for us.

Cynthia McClung, Kapaa


Civil Beat - Tulsi Gabbard’s Record On Gun Control Is A Moving Target

3/19/18 - The Hawaii congresswoman talks tough on gun control but she’s often lagging behind Democratic colleagues in pushing firearms legislation. Read more →


Democratic Forum for Hawaii Congressional Candidates 2018

3/17/18 - Joint Democratic Hawaiian, LGBTQ, and Labor Caucuses Forum for 2018 CD1 and CD2 Congressional Candidates Hawai’i, archived Facebook livestream.  Watch the livestream →

Sherry on Education

3/13/18 - This video captures some of Sherry's feelings about education in Hawaii, centering on the work of Kanuikapono Hawaiian Public Charter School on Kauai. Just one of the many examples of how various local communities come together for our keiki. Watch the video →

The American Women's Party Endorses Sherry Alu Campagna 

3/9/18 - The American Women’s Party is proud to endorse Sherry Alu Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

Sherry Alu Campagna is a Native Hawaiian who was born to a Native Hawaiian advocate mother and a father who worked for the Department of Defense. Read more →


Daily Kos - A Real Dem is Running to Replace DINO Tulsi

1/31/18 - Hereʻs a great story, and YOU can have a part in making the ending one we all hope for: Once upon a time, a virulent anti-gay politician and businessman gained a bit of traction in Hawai‘i politics... Read article →

Civil Beat Pod Squad - Why This Democrat Is Challenging A Popular Congresswoman

12/4/17 - Sherry Campagna talks about why she is running against well-known incumbent Tulsi Gabbard in the 2nd Congressional District.  Listen to the podcast →


Hawaii Independent - Gabbard will face Congressional challenger in 2018

11/15/17 - Her challenger will be another woman leader with a military background and a strong environmental track record... Read article →