LGBTQ Rights


Sherry firmly believes that LGBTQ individuals and families deserve the same rights as everyone else. These are not "special rights," but rights and liberties afforded to all Americans. She strongly supports Marriage Equality, safe schools for LGBTQ youth, fair housing practices, and enforcement of policies that protect the LGBTQ people of every age. 

Sherry has promised to make the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment one of her top priorities and will ensure that these rights and protections include the LGBTQ community. 

Sherry stands firmly against so-called "Conversion Therapy," which has been debunked by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Counseling Association, and the American Pediatric Association, et alia. Conversion Therapy is tantamount to child abuse with traumatic effects on LGBTQ-identified youth. 

Sherry not only supports policies that protect the civil rights of LGBTQ individuals, she also supports federal studies on the systemic discrimination of LGBTQ youth in schools, houselessness programs, and in hiring practices.

Sherry will work hard to create improved oversight and pathways to justice when LGBTQ individuals are discriminated against in our criminal justice system, education, labor, marriage, adoptions,  child custody, housing, and government. She will start by ensuring that LGBTQ data is collected and reported, with transparency and accuracy, by the U.S. Census.