Host an Event

If you're inspired by Sherry, believe in what she stands for, and you have a knack for getting friends together, organizing events, or raising funds, consider hosting an event. 

Help the team organize Meet & Greets in your town, arrange for a fundraiser in your community, or a more private friendraiser in your home. 

Sherry welcomes the opportunity to make a difference, one person at a time, throughout the State.  


& Greet


Cafes, restaurants, fairs, farmer's markets, and marches are just some of the places Sherry has met her biggest supporters throughout Hawaii's Second Congressional District. 

Join Team Sherry in organizing more Meet & Greets!

or Friendraiser


Public fundraisers or more intimate private friendraisers are also wonderful opportunities for our community to meet and get to know Sherry and everything she stands for.