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Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) & the National Education Association (NEA)

Watch HSTA's press conference in support of Sherry (5/22/18)

In an unprecedented endorsement, the HSTA and NEA back Sherry Alu Campagna for Congress. Never before has either organization endorsed a challenger against an incumbent, but they stated in a press conference "enough is enough," citing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's stances on Syria and Assad.

"HSTA strongly supports high-quality schools for all children as well as human and civil rights. We believe that Sherry Campagna will fight for equality for all people. That is why we are proud to support Sherry Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District seat."  Read more →


Aunty Leimomi Lum, Kahuna Nui of Mo'okini Luakini Heiau of Hawai'i Island


Auntie Leimomi Lum is the Kahuna Nui of Mo‘okini Luakini Heiau on the island of Hawai‘i. 

Kamehameha the Great was born near Moʻokini Heiau in 1785. His birthplace is marked by a stone surrounded by the stone walls, next to this heiau. Together with the smaller heiaus, Mahukona Heiau and Kukuipahu Heiau, Moʻmokini Heiau was registered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1962, and was made Kohala Historical Sites State Monument in 1966. Entrance to the sacred place used to be limited to the Ali'i only (excerpt from Wikipedia).

in 1978, Leimomi Moʻokini Lum lifted the kapu (taboo) forbidding anyone but ali'i and kahuna from entering Mo'okini Heiau and also rededicated the heiau to the children of the land. In 1994, she again rededicated the heiau, this time to the children of the world. Visitors to the site often bring a flower or a lei to leave at the heiau as an offering of respect (excerpt from National Park Service) Read more →

"Now is the time. You [Sherry] must run."

— Auntie Leimomi Lum


Amber Tamblyn, Co-Founder of #TimesUp


Actress, author, and activist, Amber Tamblyn, has enthusiastically endorsed Hawaii Congressional Candidate, Sherry Alu Campagna, in her run for Congress for Hawaii’s CD2.

Tamblyn has recently made headlines for her viral #TimesUp campaign, raising money to provide legal funds for victims of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. The legal fund has raised nearly $20 million since late last December (


“We need Sherry in Congress!”

— Amber Tamblyn, actress and co-founder of the #TimesUp legal fund for sexual harassment survivors


Teresa Shook, founder of Women's March on Washington


Millions of people around the world stood up for the rights of all humans and in opposition to the just-inaugurated POTUS. It was the largest one-day protest in US history and it was monumental. But before the pink pussy hats and the think pieces about said hats, it was an idea. Teresa Shook’s idea.

Teresa, a retired attorney from a small town in Hawaii, created a “March on Washington” Facebook event the night after the 2016 election. She sent it to some friends, went to bed and woke up to more than 20,000 people interested in attending. Things snowballed and before long, Teresa was onstage in Washington on January 21st—alongside Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd, Madonna—thanking half a million people for coming. This past week, she was officially recognized by the island of Maui for her role as “The Firestarter” in launching the Women’s March (excerpt from Les Lolos)

Teresa Shook, founder of the Women's March on Washington D.C. endorses Sherry Alu Campagna for her run for Congress in Hawaii's CD2. Sherry Alu Campagna is a Democratic Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, running against Tulsi Gabbard. For more information on Sherry's platform, visit:

Coming Soon! Teresa's video endorsement of Sherry.


Dr. Amy Agbayani, Filipino-American Advocacy Network


"Sherry will be a strong voice for the environment, the needs and aspirations of Native Hawaiians, immigrants, women, and families. Sherry has the right experience and abilities to represent Hawai‘i in Congress."

— Dr. Amy Agbayani, Filipino-American Advocacy Network and Patsy Mink Political Action Committee

Dr. Agbayani came to Hawaii from her native Philippines to study at the East-West Center in the turbulent 1960's. The antiwar protests of the era helped set the stage for Agbayani's lifetime fight for civil rights and social justice.

Agbayani first found her calling helping her fellow Filipino immigrants adjust to life in Hawaii through a group called Operation Manong, which she co-founded 40 years ago. She soon broadened her efforts on behalf of other immigrants, women, and almost anyone needing a voice, becoming the first chair of the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.

Over the years, Agbayani's office at UH has expanded into one of the most comprehensive university diversity programs in the nation. She now oversees more than 20 programs to recruit and assist students who are diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion and sexual orientation. — excerpt from Long Story Short by Leslie Wilcox


Faye Kennedy


"Sherry has long been an outspoken and effective advocate for women's rights, struggling families, marginalized groups, and global responsibility. Sherry has the right experience and abilities to represent Hawaii in Congress."

— Faye Kennedy


Faye Kennedy's passion for equality and diversity issues comes from personal experience. She's proud to represent the two percent of African-Americans living in Hawaii. Having served on the Hawaii Women's Political Caucus and Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, her involvement in public service earned her an honoree spot at YWCA's leader luncheon. She's only the second African-American to ever get the honor. —  excerpt from Hawaii News Now


American Women's Party 

AWP is excited to announce our endorsement of Sherry [Sherry Alu Campagna] for Hawaii’s 2nd district. Sherry has a strong history on Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice. If elected, she will be the 1st Native Hawaiian woman to go to Congress. #winwithwomen
— The American Women's Party (AWP)

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  1. Amber Tamblyn
  2. Amy Agbayani
  3. Cynthia McClung
  4. Dan Ahuna
  5. Dennis Esaki
  6. Doris Segal Matsunaga
  7. Doris Tulifau
  8. Esther Solomon
  9. Faye Kennedy
  10. Haunani Apoliona
  11. Helemano Lee
  12. Illona Honig
  13. Jackie Kalani
  14. Jan Dullaga
  15. Joan Husted
  16. Juanita Kawamoto Brown
  17. Justin Hughey & Nanna Lindberg
  18. Kallie Keith-Agaran
  19. Kamaka Pili
  20. Kathryn Xian
  21. Kerrie Urosevich
  22. Leimomi Khan
  23. Louise & Mike Ing
  24. Madeline Neely
  25. Mahealani Cypher
  26. Margie Merryman
  27. Marion Shim
  28. Marivic Dar
  29. Mary Denese Williams-Wagner
  30. Michael Dooley
  31. Michelle Brilliance
  32. Pono Shim
  33. Sharon & Chuck Lasker
  34. Shay & Ian Hodges
  35. Tasha Kama
  36. Teresa Shook
  37. Toni Lee