Investing in quality public education is an investment in Hawaii’s future.

Ensuring a reliable funding stream for public education must be a top priority as well as diversifying funding sources such as taxing absentee homeowners who hold investment properties in Hawaii without living in our state. There is no good reason that our keiki should suffer from 90+ degree classrooms or lack of resources. Our keiki deserve the best education that our state can offer. Our public school teachers deserve job security and significantly higher pay, and both teachers and students deserve smaller class sizes.

Sherry believes in restoring erosions in education which Secretary DeVos and the Trump Administration have recently implemented. We must have just, equitable, and quality education for all children in this country.

Sherry will  strive to create federal scholarship incentive programs to encourage college student to become teachers. She will also increase financial aid for online colleges and work-credit programs, fight to simplify financial aid programs (one grant, one loan, one repayment program), create a pathway for free tuition at community colleges, and amend FERPA to protect student data privacy.