Economy & Labor


Sherry seeks to create an economically sustainable CD2, encouraging the growth of small businesses and quality job creation.

Sherry will strive to accomplish this while supporting economic justice for all hardworking Americans by raising the minimum wage, linked in perpetuity to the CPI (Consumer Price Index or "inflation"), and supporting the reform of Hawaii’s regressive tax system to benefit those of us struggling to make ends meet.

She will support federal cluster grants to the private sector to collaborate on the needs of local small businesses and identify resources for economic growth and job creation. With the private sector, Sherry will collaborate on a process to understand their regional economies by focusing on potential growth markets, identifying opportunities in the supply chain and investing in and supporting economic growth trends by filling in the gaps of the local supply chain.

Sherry fully supports workers' rights to form unions and will work toward passing the Employee Free Choice Act to protect collective bargaining. Collective Bargaining plays a key role in ensuring economic justice and a living wage for millions of Americans.