Civil Rights


The Trump administration has worked against the civil rights of many Americans and Sherry is focused on righting these wrongs.

Her focus includes:

  • overturning Citizens United,
  • reducing racial disparities in drug sentencing by decriminalizing and regulating marijuana use,
  • ending discrimination of LGBTQ individuals in all levels of government,
  • passing the DISCLOSE Act to ban campaign contributions from foreign nationals and corporations,
  • supporting and passing gun control measures,
  • protecting collective bargaining rights,
  • encouraging the Department of Justice to sell the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu to the State of Hawaii to produce more local prison beds without the need to contract with private prison corporations, and
  • increasing funding for free non-profit Public Interest Legal Services for low-income individuals (LSC) and re-instituting the ability for LSC-funded nonprofits to file class-action lawsuits on behalf of the less fortunate.
 Photo courtesy Kai Markell

Photo courtesy Kai Markell